ON THE GO! Princess Pamper Party at Hair Flair

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Princess Pamper Party 3

For our second ON THE GO! stop, we visited Hair Flair for a Princess Pamper Party. For those not familiar with our ON THE GO! series, this Spring we started to visit many of the birthday party venues we feature in our Birthday Guide  for fun and educational programs at their locations.  This gives our readers a chance to see and experience the party locations that we talk about in our guide

Hair Flair, located at 299 South Main Street in Flemington, is a full-service salon with kid-friendly cutting stations . Kids have fun in the Barbie car and Radio Flyer airplane seats while getting their hair cut!  In addition to the kid-friendly hair cuts, Hair Flair offers Princess Pamper Birthday Parties.  The Princess Pamper Parties allows girls to “feel like the Princess she deserves to feel like”.

Hair Flair Princess

We had sixteen excited Princesses and Princes attend our Princess Pamper event this past April. Hair Flair’s owner, Brenda, and her expert staff greeted our royal participants and treated them to four different pampering stations including hair styling, make-up & face-painting, nails, and a crown designing craft.

For the hairstyling, the Princesses got their hair curled and braided, and the Princes got cool colored gel to slick up their hair.

Jen's Ipod 6.4.14 1223

Princesses selected their favorite nail colors and make-up, while the Princes picked out their favorite designs to be painted on their face.

Jen's Ipod 6.4.14 1228

To complete their royal look, all of the Princes and Princesses designed their own crowns using beautiful jewels and stickers.

Jen's Ipod 6.4.14 1226

Jen's Ipod 6.4.14 1227

Once all of the pretty Princesses and Princes were pampered, we concluded the event with story time. We all enjoyed Barefoot Book’s “The Real Princess: A Mathematical Tale”, a quirky mathematical twist of “The Princess and the Pea” which tells the tale of The King and Queen and their three sons who are on the search for a real Princess.

The Real Princess

Thanks to the experts at Hair Flair, our CREATIVE KIDS felt like the Princesses and Princes they are!

Join us for our next ON THE GO! stop.  Visit our Events page for dates and details!




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